Take control of your projects and save money on downtime and weather penalties.

Give yourself more length

It does not matter where your project is located or how big the site is. Our GSM technology gives you the freedom of unlimited wireless range and access to your data while you are on the move.

The secondary cable allow the sensor to be situated further from the control box. Cable comes in lengths of 20, 50, 70 and 100 meters. The maximum length from the box to the sensor is 100 meters.


secondary cable

React ultrafast to changes

The WINDCRANE™ mobile App provides live data on all sites around the clock, anywhere.

Keep every single project and individual site in your pocket at all times and get a snapshot of your fleet whenever you need. An invaluable tool for the competent site and operation manager

Detailed information

Do you need detailed information and access to years of site weather data?


You can log into your  WINDCRANE™ web portal and access a much more detailed profile of all your projects and sites.

  • Unlimited data storage
  • Detailed wind records for every single day, including gusts and wind turbulence
  • Your entire fleet within a single web access.
Your construction managers no longer have to rely on generic weather data or worry about downloading and keeping a track record of wind information for every single project.  WINDCRANE™ does this automatically for you 24/7 without user intervention.
  • Construction and cranes
  • Bridge monitoring
  • Transport safety
  • Marine ports
  • Outdoor events